Initial Visit $12 
This visit is conducted to allow for proper meeting to ensure safe visits for both pet and sitter and time to garner all necessary details regarding additional visits.

Pet Sit Visit $20
Pet sitting visits for those who need weekend, evening, early morning or vacation/out of town pet sitting services.

Lunch Express $17
Available Monday thru Friday between 10 am to 3 pm. Fifteen to twenty minute potty break with walk and/or play time.

Weekly Lunch Express $75.00
Five consecutive days per week, 1 Lunch Express visit per day. Ongoing weekly service.

Holiday Rates $25-28
Pet sitting visits on major holidays include a $5 surcharge. $8 surcharge for holiday pet sits when booking less than 4 visits.

Gas Surcharge $1
A gas surcharge is applied to every pet sit and goes directly to the pet sitter when gas prices go over $3.75.

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